A little bit about me! Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., I’m a sushi fiend with a penchant for finding the most scenic views out there. As a singer-songwriter and adult colouring book extraordinaire, I am always experimenting creatively with various artistic mediums. I play guitar, the ukulele, and have recently acquired a banjo, which I’ll hopefully be adding to my repertoire soon. You can check out my Soundcloud on the home page if you’d like to give my tunes a listen and see what this talk is all about!

Why the blog? My boyfriend Johnny and I are set to depart to Seoul, South Korea at the end of this summer. It is here that I’ll be documenting our various adventures, (hopefully) providing you with some relevant travel tips, and giving you a look into life as an expat in Asia.

Now that were introduced you can read away knowing a thing or two about the woman behind the keyboard.