48 Hours in Hong Kong

Leading up to this weekend trip we were a little skeptical that we would have enough time to see everything we wanted to see and feel satisfied by the weekend. However, a weekend in Hong Kong actually ended up being perfect and we didn’t feel overtired or rushed at all. There were of course a few sites that we would have checked out had we had more time, but all in all we definitely didn’t feel like we missed out on anything.

Our flight arrived at 8 am Saturday morning. Seeing as we’ve been living in a suburb of Seoul where brunch is scarce, we went for a good ol’ fashioned eggs benny breakfast as soon as we got off the airport express train at central station (which, by the way is a super convenient way to get to downtown Hong Kong from the airport. Only took up about 25 minutes). The restaurant was called ‘Brew Bros Coffee‘.


It was all the sustenance we needed for a long day of adventuring.

Our first stop after breakfast was Victoria Peak, a mountain that overlooks Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. We took the cable car up to the top, where we had access to the observatory deck.


It was reeaaal windy up there.

After checking out the view we took the cable car back down and headed to Kowloon! We took the star ferry over the bay for a quick, easy ride with excellent views of Hong Kong Island.


Once we docked in Kowloon, we wandered the busy streets, making our way over to the Jade Market.


While marvelling at the beautiful pearls and jewels that lined every stall in the Jade Market, I forgot to snap some pics! I did score a beautiful pearl bracelet though from a lovely woman named Irene. Upon doing some research prior to our arrival, I discovered Irene, who is set up at stall #278. I had read that she was featured in the New York Times (she proudly showed me the newspaper clipping once we found her stall), and is said to be the best of the bunch. Both honest and helpful, she was an extremely kind lady who helped us pick out some pieces. She was with her daughter whom she introduced to us, and she warned us about Irene impersonators that started going by her name after the NYT feature was published.

Next we had a look at the ladies market. This was your classic market of bags, shoes, jerseys and souvenirs.


We headed back to the hotel for a little R&R as we had only gotten a few hours of sleep the night prior. We checked into The Gloucester Hotel in Causeway Bay. Our room had a fabulous view overlooking the harbour. It was amazing to watch the sunset and see all of the buildings light up as it got darker.


We sprung out of bed in time to see the Symphony of Lights show, which comes on at 8pm every evening. We watched it from the Kowloon side, so we were looking at the lights on Hong Kong Island.


As the show ended we sought out a place to have eat. It was difficult to decide as there were so many contenders so we ended up walking for a long time before we stumbled upon the Temple Street Spicy Crabs, an excellent Chinese food restaurant.


As per usual, we devoured the meal before I even thought to take a picture. Take my word for it, it was delicious.

Seeing Hong Kong at night was a whole other animal. It was exactly how I had pictured it before seeing it in real life. The classic neon signs lined every street.



The temple street night market was adjacent to the restaurant, so we took a stroll through it after filling up on beef and fried rice.


After the market it was time to call it a night, so we took the train home and rested up for another day in the city.

The following morning we opted for……brunch again. I felt a little guilty not getting dimsum but I am so brunch deprived these days it simply had to be done.


It was raining that day, so we made our way over to Time Square to get a little shelter. We walked around what was essentially a big mall, and came across so many bizarre toys and knickknacks. Among them were these little blue characters, posed in a variety of funny positions. We keep ours on top of the TV.


We then went to have a look at the mid-levels. This is a walkway system which consists of escalators upon escalators climbing up steep Hong Kong Island. Fun fact, it’s the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system, stretching 800 meters and rising 135 meters up the hillside. We got off near the top and strolled around Soho to find a bar.


After dinner we took one last look at beautiful Hong Kong and its night time lights, before hopping on the train back to the airport.


And then we were off!


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