Phu Quoc

We visited Phu Quoc in early Fall, a time of year that is supposedly risky in terms of weather for this part of the world. At the tail end of the rainy season, Phu Quoc in October is either beautifully sunny or violently thunder storming. This gamble is reflected in their hotel pricing, and we were able to snag an ocean view room at Sol Beach House for 1/4 of what they charge in high season. Peak the grounds below.

As you can see the weather was fabulous! We had beautiful sun every day and while there were a few showers, they happened overnight and were over before we finished breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast

The room rate included a full buffet every morning which we took full advantage of. Highlights we’re the chocolate drizzle churros and bacon omelettes.

The resort was right on the beach, so we walked down to the water just about every night to watch the sunset. The views were incredible! Every night the sky lit up in a different shade of pastel. Twas’ magical.

While we definitely took advantage of the drink deals and food on the resort, we also went into town to check out the Phu Quoc night market. It was surprisingly big, and was lined with clothing and jewelry stalls, coconut peanut vendors, and enticing restaurants. We decided on the Phu Quoc Deli after passing by and seeing the patrons dig into crabs and massive shrimp. We ordered 2 full size crabs (which were killed and cooked onsite), 2 plates of fried rice and 6 Heinekens. The food was delicious and our waitress was helpful and charming. She even showed us how we’d overlooked some remaining crab meat and how to get the last little bits.  Best of all, the meal came to $19 CAD!!!!

We soent the rest of our days relaxing in hammocks, reading books by the pool, and venturing into town to gather supplies. Supplies for what you ask? To make my plaster cast a waterproof suit so I could go into the water, of course!

A few more pics of the sunsets because they really were something to behold.

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