Welcome to Itaewon! This has been our favourite neighbourhood yet. We got off the subway and immediately fell in love. It feels like the entire plateau of Montreal has been condensed into a few square blocks of winding streets and little alleyways. Every business was either an adorable cafe, a small boutique or a trendy restaurant. PLUS there are street vendors where you can buy everything from socks to basketball jerseys, and it also has your big stores like Adidas if you’re looking for something branded.

Speaking of basketball jerseys, Johnny bought a Lebron James Cavs jersey for 35,000 Won (about $40 CDN!!!) which he was and remains very excited about.

Throughout our exploration we stumbled upon this Canadian bar. The staff was presumably Canadian (we were pretty sure our waitress had a French Canadian accent) and they all spoke English perfectly. Inside were all kinds of Hockey memorabilia, maple leaf decorations, and original street signs from around Canada. Something we found pretty shocking was that out of all 6 street signs they had featured on the walls, one was from WEST VANCOUVER and the other one NORTH VANCOUVER?! Very curious as they are tiny corners of Canada, especially compared to the Niagara and Toronto signs they had up beside them. Next time we venture that way I think I’ll have to inquire about how they managed to obtain these rather obscure signs.

We ducked into a small bar (which was Wizard of Oz themed) to have a beer and look out over Itaewon. Half of it sits on a slope that overlooks the main drag and a large park situated beside of it.

Oh and don’t let me forget this monstrosity of a milkshake that we happily enjoyed.


As the sun began to fall we finished off our day by walking around the back alleyways and stumbling upon this viewpoint of Itaewon.

This area is known to be the foreigner’s neighbourhood, and we noticed a stark increase of fellow foreigners roaming the streets. There is far more English speaking, as well as a multitude of hostels for those who are travelling through. Our plan is to head down there and stay in a hostel for a night ($13 a night), and experience the Itaewon nightlife.

An update will posted as soon as we execute the plan!

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