Arrival In Korea

Well well well…we’ve finally arrived in Korea. After weeks of back and forth with Fed-Ex, the Korean consulate, and our favourite neighbourhood notary, we have touched down in the land of Kimchi.

From the top.


Here you have two very tired soon-to-be English teachers at the Vancouver Airport, just about to board their flight to Beijing. The travelling process was relatively seamless, minus our arrival in Beijing where we stood in line for Domestic customs in the “foreigners” line, only to realize we were in the wrong place. Seeing as that was the only hiccup, I’d say we did alright.

The flight from Beijing to Seoul was two hours. Upon landing we were greeted by Mike, our driver, who drove us to our new abode and invited us to go hiking with him sometime (we have yet to actualize these plans).

While I was falling asleep the entire ride home, likely due to the fact we’d been up for nearly 24 hours straight, arriving at the apartment doors instantly woke me up. Mike pulled up to an apartment building that was directly across from this:


Both Johnny and I were so excited that we would be living in such an energetic area. There’s about a four by four block radius of these buildings, with each one home to 5-6 levels of restaurants, bars and shops. Despite the Jetlag, we put our bags in our room and immediately went out to explore.

Fast forward to the next day, when we begin working. A quick turnaround time, but it honestly wasn’t that bad in terms of fatigue. The job is great, the kids are so cute, and the people are really nice. After work we strolled through our neighbourhood (called Sanbon by the way), as we have to go through it in order to get home. We finish work at 10pm, and we were amazed to see that not only was everything still open at this hour, everything was busy. People, including children, were out and about cruising through these lit up streets, and the restaurants were full! We ducked into a fried chicken place we had spotted earlier to get some food.

Something we were very pleased to learn about is that in Korea the restaurant tables have a button you can press to get the waiter’s attention. No more awkwardly trying to make eye contact with your server, or sheepishly waving your hand out to try and grab their attention. All of that is bypassed when all you have to do is press a button.


We got the garlic fried chicken and a massive pitcher of beer. Cheap and delicious.

And that concludes our first 24 hours in Korea! I realize I’m a little late on the updates but I’ve got some more adventures to post ASAP so stick around if you’d like to hear about ancient palaces and accidentally ordering cow intestines.


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