Wedding Weekend on Salt Spring Island

Alas, the wedding bells of August have sounded, which for a Johnstone like myself, means gearing up for a night of some SERIOUS dancing. If Salt Spring Island was to be the designated location for such celebration, then so be it, the dancing J-stones would be there.

Last weekend my cousin had a beautiful wedding at the Bullock Lake Farm, a charming location on lower Ganges road, Salt Spring Island. Their ceremony took place on bluffs overlooking the lake, just a short walk from the farm house. We returned to beautifully decorated outdoor tables, hors d’oeuvres, a bar, chatter among family and friends, and of course, and maybe most importantly, a delicious taco stand. After dinner and speeches we convened in the farm house, a majestic wooden structure with fairy lights lining the ceiling. We gathered around for the first dance, followed by an evening of the aforementioned groovin’…at which point, I’ll admit, it was necessary I take my heels off…

fran and john wedding

mom and ian

This first dance was to the song “Tee Shirt” by Birdy and may or may not have been sung by…yours truly. Seriously though, it was such an honour to sing for the happy bride and groom! Despite the nerves, I got through it sans mistakes.

singing @ wedding

Over the course of the rest of the weekend we did a little exploring on this spectacular Gulf Island. While driving around, we stumbled upon a rope swing on Saint Mary’s Lake. We stopped for a swim, evidenced by some Go Pro footage that I’ll shield your eyes from. Instead, note this beautiful tree over the lake, home of the rope swing.


To end this wonderful little getaway, we visited the lavender farm. At the gift shop we sampled their homemade lavender ice cream, purchased some essential oils distilled on site, and proceeded to roam their three acres of beautifully purple Lavender land.

lavender farm

All in all folks it was a great time. The next adventure will just be slightly further away from home…flying into Seoul!

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