The Inauguration

Hello! Friends, family, kind strangers…

Welcome to Planet Fran!

Since you’ve stumbled upon this little corner of the internet it only seems right that I introduce myself. Here’s the rundown: I’m a 22 year old born-and-raised resident of Vancouver, B.C. who just spent four years living in Montreal completing my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from McGill University. Oh what a time it was…But now I am home in Vancouver for the summer, working and exploring before I embark on what some might call quite the daring adventure-moving to South Korea for one year to teach English.

At the end of August my boyfriend Johnny and I will be flying to Seoul, from where we will take a train to our new home for the next year-the city of Gunpo. A mountainous suburb of Seoul, it is rife with greenery and natural beauty. As someone who hails from beautiful British Columbia, this is a big selling point. I’ve created this blog to document our journey through the vast lands of Asia, as well as whatever antics we get up to for the rest of the summer here in B.C. In addition, I’ll be using this page to give updates on my musical pursuits while we are away (to anyone who may find this interesting…!).

Thanks for stopping by!



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